Electric Fire: The Benefit and Ease of a New Electric Fireplace 

New Indoor Electric Fireplace

Winter is coming! The sentiment associated with this statement may not hold the resonance here in the South as it would up North, but that’s not to say we don’t get some substantial wintery weather here in the Carolinas. Though not a lot of snow, we definitely get the cold gusts that make you want to curl up in a blanket on the couch in front of a nice, warm fire. But who wants to take the time to gather wood and attempt to get it lit—don’t forget to open the flue!—especially when you can have the warmth of a fire at the click of a switch. Have you considered having a modern, electric fireplace installed in your home? 

Before taking a look at two popular electric fireplace brands (British Fires and Dimplex brands), let’s think about why you need one in the first place. Here are a few great reasons to go from a wood-burning fireplace (or no fireplace at all) to an electric one:

1.Low Maintenance

Electric fires don’t burn real wood so there is no worry of smoke or fumes filling the air. Since there is no soot buildup and chimney to clean, the maintenance requirements for electric fireplaces are significantly less than the wood-burning counterpart. It really is only a flip of a switch and nothing else you have to worry about.  

2. Easy Connection and No Dangerous Fumes

All it takes to get your electric fireplace running is a regular wall outlet. Simply plug it in and fire it up. This is the biggest difference between electric and gas-powered fires. Gas is much easier to use than actual wood, but there are still light fumes being emitted. But with electric, the flame is not actually real and therefore can’t give off harmful fumes. 

3. Long-Lasting

Another wonderful benefit to electric fireplaces is that they last so much longer. Gas-powered and wood-burning fireplaces tend to corrode and rust—even warp over time from the constant flame. With an electric version, however, you don’t need to worry about these issues because, again, there is no real flame created. Expect your electric fireplace to keep its fresh look and to maintain its original level of function for many years, if not its entire lifetime. 

4. Safer Than Wood-Burners 

A big concern with any open flame is the potential danger that flame can induce, especially when children are living in the house. When you make the switch to electric though, there is no worry. An electric flame will indeed heat a room, but that doesn’t mean the flame itself is actually hot…it’s not, which keeps the little ones from getting too hot when standing a little too close. What’s also impressive is the fact most electric versions come with automatic shut-offs, so if you happen to leave it running as you run out of the house, it will know to turn off. 

5. Ease of Installation 

Inserting a wood-burning fireplace is a major undertaking. A section of the wall must be removed, special materials have to be inserted to keep the fire from getting out of hand, it can be an expensive mess. The great thing about electric fireplaces is that 1) they can be installed just about anywhere and 2) installation requires plugging into the wall instead of reconstructing the wall. On top of that, electric fireplaces come in a variety of shapes and sizes—long and squatty, tall and thin, etc.—so they easily fit into peculiar spaces. 

6. Energy Efficient 

Once those wintery gusts hit, our energy bills start to increase. With an electric fireplace, you can give your furnace a bit of a break and lower your energy bill. These fireplaces can heat an entire room at a fraction of the cost it would take your furnace. Supplemental heating is an effective method of staying warm and saving money.


Electric Fireplace Brands

British Fires and Dimplex each create some of the best electric fireplaces. Both have taken the technology of electric fires to another level. With a huge variety of sizes and styles, both companies create fireplaces made of quality materials that last and can be installed in almost any room within your home. These stunning fireplaces are a perfect way to experience all the benefits of a wood-burning fire, but without the dangers and wear and tear on your home—sooty chimney, smoke-filled rooms. 

Dimplex, particularly, is known for its high aesthetic design, quality materials, and efficiency. The company also creates fireplaces for both residential and commercial uses. 

Don’t waste time and money on other methods of heat. Enjoy the benefits and aesthetics of an electric fire this winter!