The Season For Patio Sets

Patio Sets for Spring

As the weather warms, lots of people are looking at ways to maximize their time outside. Hosting parties, a quiet place to read, or a family game night— whatever the case— there’s a way to enjoy all of these outdoors. Buying a full outdoor patio set is the way to instantly obtain everything you need to transform your outdoor space, for every occasion. Hearth & Patio can offer not only full patio sets, but every conceivable form of outdoor furniture, accessories (like hammocks and gardening items), grills, fire pits, and heating options. 


Completing Your Set

What exactly is a full outdoor patio set? Patio sets are versatile, encompassing a large table great for dining, with accompanying chairs, and cozy couches surrounding a fire pit. People looking to the spring and summer season as a chance to host and bring family and friends together will find great options offered by Hearth & Patio. People planning on a quiet summer, with calm nights outdoors can also find exactly what they’re looking for. Whatever the case, patio sets can provide any experience. 

This versatility allows you to choose what’s best for your backyard space. 


A Patio Set For Dining and Entertaining

If you’re not happy with your dining room set-up, dealing with a lack of room, dislike for the space, or your current decor, looking at a patio set like the Dogwood Collection would be your best bet. Iron furniture provides a product made to last outdoors, while its cushions and accents bring a sense of luxury to your dining experience. The Largo Dining Collection is another option, with a classic outdoor feel and a design centered around a dining and hosting experience. 

Dining sets will need as many chairs as you plan to have guests frequently, and a table that fits into your backyard and outdoor space. For those planning to cook outside, Hearth and Patio also have grill choices if you’ve been thinking about an upgrade.

Those planning to buy a full patio set for dining purposes should also look into Hearth & Patio umbrella options. A trusty umbrella will give you a way to continue the fun, no matter what North Carolina’s unpredictable weather can throw at you. For the spring and summer season, you can move your dinner parties outside and away from your overused traditional dining space.


A Patio Set For a Cozier Night

There are options outside of the dining realm. A full patio set centered around comfort and lounging is a great example. This is perfect for someone looking to sit with a nice book on a warm evening, or for a catch-up between two friends. Picture your most beloved cozy nook that’s perfect after a busy week for recharging, and you’ve already idealized what a great full set patio can bring you. 

These sets provide robust opportunities for creativity, as the removal of a central piece, like a dining table, gives you unlimited freedom in set-up. This is a great framework for a potential set made for those who are tired of their tried-and-true living room sofa. 

The new arrival of the Remy set looks more like a comfortable living room instead of what someone may picture when thinking about patio furniture. Complete with ottomans, love seats, sofas, and swivel chairs, it truly brings the comfort of inside-outside.

The Classico Fire Table shows off how to properly use a fire pit in your mission for a cozier outdoor setting, looking like a way to spend every fairweather warm night ahead of you. If you’re looking for a fire pit, Hearth & Patio has an extensive selection of heating options for your outdoor space. With an unbelievable selection of attractive fire pits, you can find the right fit for your patio set.

If you’re really looking to maximize your lounging potential, check out Hearth & Patio accessories centered around just that. Outdoor pillowshammocks, and more are additional ways to perfect your patio.  

Whatever the case, cozier options contrast those of the dining room sets. With the potential being open to the customer and what experience they’re seeking to have. A quiet night, a night alone, or playing the entertainer— are all possibilities if you pick the right outdoor furniture. 


Why Outdoor Furniture?

While a full patio set may be enticing, you may not be so convinced on why you’d pay for something that your dining room or living room can already do. It’s no secret, getting time outdoors is beneficial for your health, both mental and physical, and feeling the breeze or sun on your face while relaxing after a long day is certainly tempting. Even still, there are a few other benefits to investing in your outdoor experience.


Maximizing Your Use

Moving outside extends your traditional living space, letting you enjoy every aspect of your home and the land it’s on. In addition to saving some wear and tear on the furniture pieces inside, you realize that your investment will likely do much more than get you outside.

Experts even recommend, having a well-designed patio or deck can add to the perceived value of your home. For those planning on selling their home, a nicely equipped patio is much more likely to interest potential buyers, making the sale that much easier. Hearth and Patio have perfect options for revamping your outdoor space, fulfilling all of your staging needs.



Hearth & Patio offers full patio sets that rival living room and dining sets, all while being more affordable. Outside furniture, though oftentimes more durable and longer-lasting, sells for less than traditional indoor furniture sets. This allows you to upgrade your hosting ability for half the cost while keeping your guests happy.



While we mainly included examples of replacing dining rooms or living rooms, patio sets offer nearly every option, fit for every home’s needs. Stoolsconversation pitsloungesbenches, the list is nearly inexhaustible. Whatever you feel is missing in your interior, Hearth & Patio can provide, perfectly, for your exterior. 


Buying From Hearth & Patio

Most furniture nowadays is not built to last, sold cheap, and meant to be replaced in under a calendar year. These problems are even more prevalent in most outdoor furniture.

Hearth & Patio is committed to providing a product that is made to last, and making the shopping experience as easy as possible.

As a local and family-owned business, Hearth & Patio also has an extensive showroom, letting you see the product before you buy. Alongside excellent customer service and white-glove delivery service, you begin to understand how they’ve been exceeding customers’ expectations for over 30 years. 

One of the ways Hearth & Patio puts the customer experience first is by offering a financing option, which is designed to allow you to shop as quickly as possible. Financing isn’t the only option they give to make the shopping experience easy. Comparing options alongside their products, allows you to make sure your potential investment is the right price. 

Anyone seeking to upgrade their outdoor experience should do so with the trusted local leaders in patio options, ready to provide the right patio set for any kind of warm day imaginable. You can check out every product for sale here. You’re certain to find the patio set of your dreams.