Elklor Flames: THE Ultimate 5

The Exquisite Ultimate 5®, the only patented 5-burner system available on the market, provides the maximum in realism and beauty with unique Stainless Steel components for solid performance and longevity. Sand-less burners provide clean flame, and the 5-burner technology still looks real while burning half the fuel, using our adjustable controls. Simply put, there is nothing better, nor more realistic than the ULTIMATE.

  • For INDOOR or OUTDOOR use
  • Heavy Duty Iron Grates, Optional Stainless Steel Grates
  • For Fully-Vented Residential and Commercial Fireplaces
  • Factory Mounted Control Valves
  • Factory Set and Burn Tested for Safety
  • Life-Time Warranty

Learn more about this product, visit: www.eiklorflames.com

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