Now Is the Time to Buy Your Outdoor Furniture and Fire Pit

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As you’re still bundling up to go outside and waiting to see if another winter storm will hit, outdoor furniture may not be the first thing on your mind. But spring will be here before you know it, and you’re going to want that perfect patio set-up for your home! Plus, with a supply chain operating slower than usual, now is the time to order the chairs, tables, and sofa you’ve been dreaming about. 

Why stop with your outdoor living space?

A new fire pit could spruce up your backyard and provide a cozy atmosphere for small or large gatherings. Below, we’ll explain in more detail why now is an excellent time to start shopping for all of your outdoor living products.


The Best Time to Buy Outdoor Furniture   

If you already have patio furniture, chances are you have gotten plenty of use out of it in the last couple of years. As you spent more time at home, you hopefully had lots of quality time with your family and made fantastic memories. And now, you have the rest of 2022 to look forward to!

Take a moment to evaluate your furniture to see if you could use some upgrades. Perhaps your furniture is beginning to show wear and tear, or maybe you would like to try a new style that ties more into your home’s overall design. Perhaps you have created a new outdoor living area and need to furnish it. Either way, this could be the ideal time to start shopping.

If you want to get the patio furniture and accessories you envision, planning ahead is the surest way to get it when you need it. The pandemic has made it even more critical to be proactive in your furniture shopping because many factors affect the furniture industry. 


How Long Is the Wait Time for Furniture?     

People are still spending more time at home than ever before, and the furniture industry is booming. More homeowners recognize the value of creating and decorating outdoor living spaces with gorgeous, high-quality furniture that functions as they need and falls in line with their personal taste.

This surge in demand has contributed to significant shipping delays for furniture, but it isn’t the only factor. Supply chain disruptions, slow production, and factory closures have also played a role and created a perfect storm that has resulted in delays.

Right now, it’s taking some furniture four to six months to get to customers after being ordered. Depending on how the pandemic plays out, the delay could increase in the next year. Many of the issues originate overseas. However, the pandemic has also impacted U.S. furniture production and distribution. 

Hearth & Patio is committed to doing everything possible to get our customers their furniture in a timely fashion. With that said, it’s best to get your orders in sooner rather than later so you can spruce up your outdoor space for the warm weather!


Should You Purchase Your Furniture Now?     

Though we love to go above and beyond for our customers, COVID-19 has told us that we cannot control some things. With a current lead time of four to six months for new orders, that timeframe is subject to change depending on the outcomes of the pandemic and the impact left in its wake. Regardless of the situation, rest assured we will work on your behalf and keep you informed of new developments.

Are you considering purchasing new patio furniture for this upcoming spring or summer?

Now is the time to place your order to account for shipping delays and get your furniture delivered as soon as possible. Some of our pieces may not take as long as others to arrive, and we can inform you of lead times with each piece. 

Imagine yourself in your outdoor living area this summer. Are you sitting in a stylish, comfortable chair and sipping on your favorite drink while spending quality time with friends or family? Are you watching the big game from your outdoor sofa? Maybe you’re gathering around the fire pit with some neighbors on a calm, warm night?

Place your orders today to make your vision a reality!


8 Reasons to Buy a Fire Pit for Spring    

If you are wanting to take evenings in your outdoor space to the next level, getting a fire pit will do the trick. You can use these structures year-round to create a warm and cozy atmosphere and add appeal to your backyard.

Fire pits come in many different styles and at various price points to suit every need and budget. Don’t wait to enjoy those chilly evenings and the relaxing effect of staring into the flames. Now is the time to get a fire pit from Hearth & Patio. And we have plenty to choose from! Here are eight reasons to get a fire pit for spring and parenthesis and every other season:

1. They can be used all year    

Many people assume that you can only use a fire pit as a seasonal amenity during spring and summer. While you can certainly enjoy them on a warm night, their primary purpose is to produce heat. 

Therefore, fire pits can be a welcome addition to colder evenings. Besides providing beautiful flames, a fire pit can help you feel cozy and protected from the elements. Plus, you won’t have to worry about as many bugs!

2. They’re cozy

We’ve discussed it, but it bears repeating. Nothing is cozier than sitting by a fire on a cool, brisk evening. Because they are naturally comforting, fire pits tend to make whatever space they are in feel like home. Installing an outdoor fire pit can add a unique appeal to your backyard or patio and create the perfect atmosphere for yourself and your family and friends.

What’s more, sitting by a fire promotes relaxation and can even decrease blood pressure. And you and everyone around you will notice! The innate sense of safety and entrancing flames evoke stillness and calm the nerves.

No matter what style of fire pit you choose, and no matter where you put it, it will serve as one of the most inviting assets on your property. It will help create the proper ambiance for parties, meditation, dates, or any number of other situations. 

3. They provide a stellar social spot

If you hope to have social gatherings that involve long and in-depth conversations, investing in a fire pit will get the job done. A fire pit naturally becomes the centerpiece of an outdoor group and sets the mood for an enjoyable evening. 

Combined with the sounds of nature, the flickering and warmth of the flames can help everyone feel comfortable and at ease. It can create a sense of belonging and open people up to conversation. Furthermore, a fire pit can subtly entertain guests and prevent boredom without becoming a distraction. 

4. They’re versatile

Fire pits can fit perfectly with any patio or backyard. No matter what type of backyard you have, an outdoor fire pit will create a beautiful centerpiece. It is one of the most versatile upgrades you can make to your home.

A traditional wood-burning fire pit could be the ideal choice if you are after nostalgia. This type of fire pit doesn’t require a fuel source, leaving you more locations to place them in your outdoor space.

Some homeowners go with a portable propane fire pit for safety reasons. These fire pits are easy to light and can be moved around freely. And since they are smokeless, you can use a propane fire pit in areas where open wood fires are illegal.

Fire pits are also versatile because they come in many different structures and builds.

Modern patio fire pits are often constructed with cleanly cut stones or cast iron. You can also create a fire pit from old stone or brick or even in a sandpit.

Depending on the type of fire pit you want and the surrounding components of your outdoor living space, you can design your entire patio or backyard around it. No matter what style you are after, you will not have any trouble finding the right fire pit at Hearth & Patio!

5. They’re romantic    

Fire pits are ideal for large social gatherings, but they can provide the perfect ambiance for one-on-one romantic occasions too. Few things are more relaxing than a fire, and the flames can set the tone for having meaningful discussions well into the night.

See if you can think of a better environment for a romantic conversation! You and your significant other can become entranced by the hypotonic flames while being inspired to cuddle up in the warmth. Add your favorite drinks and a meat-and-cheese board, and you’re good to go!

6. They’re great for cooking

If you want to add an outdoorsy vibe to your culinary efforts, investing in a fire pit is an excellent way to do it. Wood-burning fire pits are perfect for cooking food, whether preparing main courses, appetizers, or desserts.

All you need is a grill grate and a few pots and pans to start cooking up delectable dishes. Kebabs, hotdogs, burgers, and marshmallows are some of the tried-and-true classics to try. But that only scratches the surface of the foods you can cook over a wood-burning fire pit.

Think about the delicious grilled cheese sandwiches you could cook or how you could make potatoes smothered in salt, pepper, butter, and garlic! What about preparing an open-flame breakfast with bacon, eggs, and pancakes? Cooking on a fire pit can take your culinary experience to the next level and make for incredible family dinners, dates, and parties.

7. They’re safe and affordable

No matter what type of fire pit you buy, it will be safe if you use it responsibly. Propane and natural gas fire pits are innately safe. However, they can be dangerous if you misuse them (as with anything else). As long as you take common-sense precautions, you should not run into any safety concerns with a wood-burning fire pit either.

Fire pits come in a wide range of prices. Some are thousands of dollars, while others are much cheaper. In other words, there are plenty of affordable options available.

8. They can boost home value

Finally, adding a fire pit could boost your home’s appraisal value. While it is not guaranteed, a well-built fire pit often gives you an excellent return on your investment because homeowners love the idea of having a fire pit. 

Plus, if the property already has a fire pit, it means they don’t have to worry about buying or building one themselves. Who knows—it could even be the deciding factor in a bidding war!



The pandemic has caused shipping delays, supply chain problems, and many other issues impacting the furniture industry. If you want to add new outdoor furniture to your outdoor space, now is the time to place your order with Hearth & Patio

And don’t forget to look into our wide range of fire pits! We will do everything in our power to deliver your items as quickly as possible and keep you updated along the way.